walnut kernels suppliers

walnut kernels suppliers

The most important walnut kernels suppliers in the world are the US, China and Iran. These three countries are the main hubs of walnut and walnut kernels production in the world.

The statistics show that walnut production is highest in the three countries of the United States, China and then Iran. The production of walnut figures for these countries we present in the following article. This citation is cited for INC.

In 2016-2017, the world’s walnut production was more than 850,500 tonnes, more than 47% of which was produced by China. The USA also ranked second with 31% in walnut producers. After these two countries, Chile and Iran, respectively, are in the third and fourth places at least 5% . The average 5 years of walnut production is as follows. China ranks first with 37 percent, followed by the United States with 34 percent, followed by Iran with 6 percent and Chile, with 5 percent ranked fourth in the list of walnut producers.


Iranian walnut kernels suppliers

The amount of walnut production in Iran is low than China and the USA. The domestic market of Iran consume the highest amount of walnuts produced. However, due to the very good taste of Iranian walnut, this product has many fans around the world.
Iranian walnut applicants are not only among the Asian, Eurasian countries, but also the European Union, including Germany, as well as the Iranian walnut buyers.

As mentioned above, the most important advantage of Iranian walnuts for the products of other countries and regions of the world is the extraordinary taste of Persian walnut.

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