producer of pistachio

producer of pistachio

Which countries are the most prominent producer of pistachio in the world? Do you know that you can get the direct benefits of buying a pistachio producer?

In this article, we first want to introduce two producers of pistachios in the world. By introducing these countries, you will be familiar with the main pistachio centers. In the next step, we will raise also the benefits of direct pistachios from the main pistachio producer.


The two main countries are producer of pistachios

By reviewing the statistics we can identify the most important pistachio production centers. The average pistachio production in 2012-2017 is the same. The United States has a 42 percent share in the world. With this production, the United States is ranked first among manufacturers. Iran ranked second with 33%. As you can see, more than 75% of pistachios are produced by these two countries. And as the most important producer of pistachio.


Benefits of buy pistachios from producer of pistachio

With the direct purchase of pistachios from the producer of pistachio, we can access the following benefits. Including:

  • Access to various pistachio quality
  • Possibility to order a product with special processing
  • Access to very high tonnage for pistachios
  • Also access the most affordable pistachios price for any quality

These are the issues that all pistachio buyers are looking for. For most traders, these benefits are very important. Especially the two have access to the best prices and the possibility of buying high-tonnage pistachios. These are very important things. Now that you know the most important producer of pistachio in the world, you can experience a very successful purchase with access to the pistachio exporter in Iran and the United States.

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