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pistachio exporters in dubai

The presence of branches and representation of Iranian pistachio exporters in Dubai, has facilitated the international sale of Iranian pistachios. Dubai’s ports have a special place in the world. In most cases, the import duties that a buyer must pay during importation is low if the product is shipped from these ports. For this reason, Iranian pistachio suppliers and exporters to set up a branch and sales representative in Dubai. Also, Iranian pistachio exporters, through Emirati banks, have made their financial transactions easier with their customers around the world.

Anata Nuts company is an Iranian pistachio producer and exporter who has been able to bring prosperous business with its customers from all over the world by establishing a branch office in Dubai, Russia, Germany and also Ukraine.

Pistachio suppliers and exporters export pistachios in the forms of raw pistachios, processed pistachios,  pistachio kernels and also pistachio products such as sliced Pistachio and pistachio powder to different parts of the world. In the case of the export of each product, certain items are important, which we refer to below.

Pistachio exporters, how to declare the quality of their cargo?

The following are important for pistachios in shell.

  • pistachio cultivar
  • it’s size
  • and percentage of closed mouth
  • % semi open
  • % bad color
  • % meat
  • % other pistachios
  • Also % moisture is important.

These are the points that pistachio exporters pay attention to in the export of pistachios in shell. Pistachio exporters present the phytosanitary certificate and pistachio standard to the buyer on the export cargo. And, of course, the certificate of Aflatoxins is also provided to the customer upon request from the seller.

How about pistachio kernels?

About pistachio kernels:

  • percentage of  broken kernels
  • the type of pistachio which the kernel has been processed from it
  • and also size of pistachio kernels is important.
pistachio kernels

pistachio kernels

These are things that pistachio supplers pay attention them. Also, In the case of pistachio kernels, like pistachios in shell, pistachio exporters present phytosanitary certificate and pistachio standard to the buyer on export cargo, too.

sliced pistachio and pistachio powder

Iranian pistachio exporters in Dubai have added sliced pistachio and also pistachio powder to their list of exported products. These products are extensively used in the food industry. Pistachio exporters export them in bulk to various regions of the world such as EUP and etc. Also Russia, India countries is one of the consumer for pistachio sliced and powder. About sliced pistachios, it’s size and color are important. Also, about pistachio powder, it’s color and purity are important.

pistachio sliced

pistachio sliced


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