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pistachio suppliers in uae

Iran’s pistachio suppliers have launched a branch of their company in the mother-to-door ports of the world to make effective communication with their customers on the international markets. this is an advantage for the buyer in terms of import duties. In addition, Iran pistachio suppliers have facilitated financial transfers between their company and the buyer, with the establishment of various branches in other countries including the UAE, Russia, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Iran’s pistachio suppliers the currency exchange problem with different countries of the world Have solved this way.

The United Arab Emirates has a good commercial presence worldwide. Therefore, The Iran’s pistachio suppliers  in the UAE have established branch of their company. Although Iran’s free trade zones or important Iranian ports such as Bandar Abbas are well-placed in the world and Iran’s pistachio suppliers send pistachios directly from Iran to different countries around the world.

pistachio supplier

pistachio supplier

Anata nuts co. is one of the pistachio suppliers and producers in Iran. This company have been able to offer two advantages to their customers through the creation of their company branches in the UAE, Russia and Germany.

Iran Pistachio Export Purposes

Iran Pistachio Export Purposes that pistachio suppliers and exporters ship to these areas of pistachio are:

  • European countries such as Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France …
  • The countries of East Asia and South East Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Korea, China, also Japan …
  • Arab countries including the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait and …
  • CIS countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and …
  • Also African countries is Iran pistachio export purposes
    And …

Each country purchases a specific type of pistachio from Iran. The most important pistachio cultivars of Iran are:

  • Akbari cultivar
  • Kaleghouchi
  • Fandoghi
  • and also Ahmad Aghaie.

You can read the text of the pistachio supplier and exporter to learn more about these cultivars. If we learn the characteristics of the different varieties we can do better product selection.


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