walnuts kernels price

walnuts kernels price

How can we determine walnuts kernels price for each quality? In fact, the question is, what parameters are needed to determine walnuts kernels price? One of these cases is the size of walnuts kernels. The probability of a tiny crop in a tree causes the factor to be determined in determining walnuts kernels price.

In determining the walnuts kernels price, one of the most important criteria and attributes, as we said, is the size of the walnut brain. During the process of breaking and separating the walnut, we can separate the almost identical size of the walnut brain separately.

Walnuts kernels price for different sizes

In this case, we can achieve three sizes of walnut kernels. The price of each one will certainly be different than other categories.

  • The Magnolia Walnut
  • Medium sized walnuts
  • Little Walnut Brain

The small walnut can be suitable for food industry units. Like decorating desserts and ice cream, etc. But two other types, the average size of walnut kernel and the large walnut kernel, are, in addition to the food industry, a good option for use as nuts. Of course, the size is just one parameter in determining the quality and walnuts kernels price. Other items include the color of the walnut, the amount of broken nut in the product, and so on. We have examined these two details in detail in the previous articles.

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