walnuts price per kg

walnuts price per kg

Walnuts price per kg may fluctuate over the course of a year due to market conditions, ie supply and demand. There are some occasions when they arrive, two parameters of supply and demand change. And this will change walnuts price per kg.

What factors can affect walnuts per kilogram over a year and cause fluctuation. We want to examine this subject carefully in this article.

The impact of supply and demand on the walnuts price per kg

We all know that the two factors of supply and demand will change the price of a product on the market. The walnuts price per kg is also affected by changes in supply and demand over the years. But what impact does it have on changing the supply and demand of walnut?

Walnut is the product that is most used as nuts or in sweets. At celebrations, the consumption of these products increases, as demand for the walnut kernel increases. In this case, the amount of nutmeg supply should be controlled in the market. Otherwise you can not control walnuts price per kg and it will increase with the increase.

Also, in the summer, which has not yet reached the harvest season, and the product of the previous year is also over, despite the fact that demand continues to buy the walnut, but the supply may be low. In these cases, we may also encounter price fluctuations walnuts per kg.

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