walnuts price per pound

walnuts price per pound 2017

The walnuts price per pound 2017 varied greatly in Iran. Of course, this walnut price change was more pronounced on the basis of the Iranian currency, which was due to the devaluation of Iran this year. The change in walnuts price per pound 2017 has been lower by the dollar exchange rate.

The walnuts price per pound 2017-2018 was fluctuating. Of course, by the end of 2017, the price fluctuated, but the oscillation was not very high. From the beginning of 2018, especially after the Nowruz holiday in Iran, which saw a shortage of products and, of course, a rise in dollar prices in the Iranian market, the price per pound walnuts increased sharply. As the walnut price rises to more than 1200 thousand IRR (in the retail market) from about 800 thousand IRR to the Super Walnut Brain. And the wholesale price of walnut kernels from about 650 thousand IRR reached over 1000 thousand IRR.

Walnuts price per pound 2018

Now that we are in September 2018 and the walnut harvest has started more or less, we have not yet returned to balanced prices. The price of the walnut brain is still high. As it was said, supply shortages and rising dollar rates were two main reasons for the walnut price rise. But now, despite the increasing supply of walnuts, it is still high. The reason for this is the fall in the value of the Iranian currency. Increasing dollar rates in the Iranian market has affected the market for most products. Most of the products and foods that the walnut, including them, has faced price increases.

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