black walnut kernels

black walnut kernels

Black walnut kernels can be suitable for some applications in the walnut brain. Particularly suitable for applications that the walnut kernel needs to grind before use.

One of the most important issues in determining the quality of the walnut is its color. Accordingly, we can introduce 7 types of walnut kernels. As follows:

  • White walnut kernels
  • Cream walnut kernels
  • Dark Cream walnut kernel
  • Bright brown walnut kernels
  • Brown walnut kernels
  • Dark brown walnut kernel
  • Black walnut kernels

Among the various qualities of the walnut, the black walnut kernels is one of the groups. This walnut kernels can be used in different parts of the food industry.

The most important uses of black walnut kernels

In some parts of the food industry that we use the walnut, we shred the product before using it. During this process, the black skin on the walnut is partially removed from the product. For these applications, we can also use the Black walnut kernels.


Prices of black walnut kernels

Amongest the types of walnut kernels, black walnut kernels have the lowest price. In fact, this type of walnut is the cheapest walnut kernel. And since prices are very important for food industry units, this is due to the quality of the walnut.

Of course, in buying the same quality of the walnut kernels, the black walnut kernels, we need to pay attention to its quality. The walnut should be free of any foreign matter, insects and pests left, etc. Fresh and not oxidized and ….

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