best walnut kernels for sale

best walnut kernels for sale

Best walnut kernels for sale, which is kind of kernels? The answer to this question depends entirely on the final consumption of walnut kernels. Perhaps the best walnut kernels for sale as nuts are walnut kernels light halves. While the broken kernel is suitable for chocolate factory.

The walnut kernel has a different model and quality. We can not determine the best walnut kernels for sale unless we consider its final usage.

Consider the following examples.


Select the best walnut kernels

Meaty date production plant put the crushed walnut into the palm. If the factory buys half walnut kernels, it has to break walnuts during the production process. So that it can put in the date. Therefore, the plant is in two stages suffering losses and spending extra money.

  1. During the purchase of the walnut kernels: since the price of half walnut kernels is often more expensive than the broken walnut brain 1/4.
  2. During the production process, we need workers who break the walnut brain to the right size. Therefore, there will be an additional manpower. And the speed and efficiency of production will be reduced.

So we can say that the best walnut kernels for sale to these factories, is the broken walnut kernel 1/4.

Also, some restaurants that use the walnut kernel to cook are crushing the product. Therefore, the finely divided pieces of the walnut kernels are the perfect option for them. Not a healthy walnut kernels halves or half. While the broken nut kernel is not suitable for niche shops.

As you can see, in choosing the best walnut kernels for sale, we need to consider the type of final consumption of the cerebellum. In this case, let’s choose the best option.

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