walnut kernels for sale

walnut kernels for sale

Walnut kernels for sale in three main groups in terms of walnut color and in three groups at terms of percentage fracture.

The walnut kernels, like other oily seeds, has different qualities. What parameters do we consider in determining the quality of walnut kernels? As mentioned above, the two parameters below are the most important parameters.

  1. The color of the walnut
  2. Percentage fracture of walnut kernels


Categories of walnut kernels for sale in color terms

The walnut kernels is placed in three main groups of colors. These three groups are:

  • Cream walnut kernels
  • Brown walnut kernels
  • Black walnut kernels

The first two are suitable for use in meals, both as nuts, both snacks and use in the food industry. Black walnut kernels are more suitable for use in food industry units. Photos of the three types can be found below.


Categories of walnut kernels for sale in terms of fracture

We can put the walnut kernelsin terms of fracture in the following three groups:

Of course, each of the above groups, in terms of color and fracture, fall into several grades. For example, Crushed walnut kernels have two types that are different in size.

So, as we can see from the above, the walnut kernels has different qualities. Any quality according to its specifications and properties can be suitable for specific uses. Walnut kernels buyers choose among the different qualities of their walnut kernels according to their needs.

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