buy cheap pistachio nuts

buy cheap pistachio nuts

In buy cheap pistachio nuts, we note that cheap pistachio nuts are mechanically opened pistachios. The mechanically opened pistachios are available in the varieties Akbari, Jumbo, Fandogh and Ahmad Aghaei.

As we mentioned earlier, among open pistachios, mechanically opened pistachios are cheaper pistachios than naturally opened pistachios. Of course, in buy cheap pistachio nuts, it’s important to note that there is no pistachio type. We should also consider two other issues.

  • The first issue is variety of pistachio.
  • And next issue is pistachio quality of mechanically open pistachios.

We know the commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran. Among these cultivars, the cheapest pistachio is Fandoghi pistachios. Because this pistachio has the smallest size. At the same time, it has more production than other varieties. Due to the good performance of Fandoghi pistachios, its production costs are relatively lower.

So, from different pistachios, we can choose fandoghi pistachios mechanically open as the cheapest pistachios in buy cheap pistachio nuts.


Cheapest pistachio nuts

Let’s not forget, however, that the mechanically opened pistachios themselves have different qualities. We grade this pistachio based on the percentage of pistachio kernels. The higher the percentage of pistachio brains than the pistachio’s weight, pistachios have the higher quality.

At the same time, we need to be careful that other issues are also very important about smelly pistachios. Which affect its price. Including percentage of pistachio seeds that have been opened from the bottom. Or percent pistachios shell inside the product. Also the size of pistachios.

Therefore, we should consider all of these in buy cheap pistachio nuts. And if we see the price difference between two pistachio cargo, the reason for the difference is these issues.

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