cheapest place to buy pistachio nuts

cheapest place to buy pistachio nuts

Where is the cheapest place to buy pistachio nuts? The answer to this question can be gained by knowing the main areas of production and supply of pistachios.

Do you know the most important pistachio production areas in the world? Can you buy pistachios directly from these areas? Are these countries which are the main producers of pistachios able to export their products?


Largest pistachios producer and exporter

See the picture below. This graphic illustrates the pistachio production in 2010-2015. According to these statistics, the most important pistachio producers in the world are US, Iran and Turkey. The largest amount of pistachio production is in these countries.

Largest pistachios producer

Largest pistachios producer (source: INC)


But can these countries also be a source of supply for other countries? If these countries can export their products, they are the pistachio supply hub for the whole world.

See the image below for statistics on pistachio exports. The picture shows that the largest pistachio exporter is the largest producer of this product. Ie the countries of Iran and the United States.

Largest pistachios exporter

Largest pistachios exporter (source: INC)

It is quite clear that if we can buy pistachio from its main supplier, not brokers, we can achieve the best price for pistachios.
So the cheapest place to buy pistachio nuts is Iran and the United States. It is the most important source of this product.

Please note that in addition to buying pistachios for the price of pistachios to buy the best price for our product, we need to consider what our country has set for pistachio imports. If the product is contrary to these standards, we can not succeed in importing and trading.

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