cheap pistachio wholesale prices

cheap pistachio wholesale prices

The cheap pistachio wholesale prices are based on what parameters are determined? In other words, buy cheap pistachio nuts, What features should we pay attention to.

One of the cheap pistachios in the open shell is pistachios that are smoothed mechanically. Maybe you are familiar with these pistachios. (For further review and study on this pistachio, please read the article “Mechanically opened cheap pistachios for sale “.)

But there’s a point. And that is what parameters we should pay attention to in order to have good purchases in the cheap pistachios. What characteristics determine the quality of pistachio. In other words, the wholesale price of pistachio cheap, how determined?

Determine the cheap pistachio wholesale prices

Experts in determining the quality and so prices of the mechanically opened pistachios consider the following. (The mechanically opened pistachios are one of the cheapest pistachios).

1) Percentage of pistachio kernels, or the percentage of pistachio meat: This parameter is for luscious mechanically open pistachios in the range of 45 to 50. The more pistachio meat is to the nearest 50 pistachios, the larger the kernels. In other words, these pistachios quality is higher.

2) The next item is pistachio cultivars. We will pack mechanically opened pistachios from the close mouth of all pistachio cultivars. From Pistachio Akbari, Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami and … .

3) Also the third is the size of pistachios. The size of the pistachios differs from the general view of the seeds for different varieties.

4) We also consider other details regarding the characteristics of the mechanically opened pistachios. Such as the percentage of pistachios that have been opened from the bottom, the percentage of skin, and so on. (We described these items for our products fully in the specifications table. Please refer to the products section.)

The above are the most important issues in determining the wholesale price of the mechanically opened pistachios.

Of course, the smelly natural pistachios are also cheap. Because they have a wide range of quality. It depends on the buyer which pistachio type to choose.

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