largest pistachio exporter

biggest pistachio exporter

Iran is the biggest pistachio exporter in the world. The reason for Iran’s success in pistachio exports is, in addition to its high volume of production, the correct recognition of consumer markets. This knowledge and supply of the product in accordance with it, have caused pistachio customers to be satisfied with the deal with Iran. Read more

Iranian Pistachio Exporter

iranian pistachio exporter

The annual production volume of pistachios in Iran is high. Iran produces annually more than 300 thousand tons of Pistachio. In 2015-2016, production was about 304 thousand tons. This year (2016-2017) the production rate is more than 300 thousand tons. Read more

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Tabriz Green Diamond Pistachio Company (Anata Nuts Co.)

Tabriz Green Diamond Pistachio Company is one of the suppliers and also exporters of Iranian Pistachios. The iran pistachio company (Anata Nuts Co.) began its activity with pistachios international trade. And gradually began to produce pistachios at a small level. Currently, it is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of pistachios and its products. Read more