walnut price per pound

walnut price per pound

Different parameters should be considered in determining the walnut price per pound. These parameters are related both to product quality and to market conditions. The quality of walnuts, such as the percentage of walnuts in a kilogram of walnuts, and the market conditions, such as the change in the volume of demand and supply due to the occurrence of the event and the occurrence of various occasions.

The walnut price per pound for a specific quality may change in different months of the year. However, in determining the average walnut price per pound for each quality for a year, we can not propose a fixed price throughout the year. The reason for this is the walnut fluctuation price per pound. And the reason for the fluctuation of walnut price per pound is the special occasion. Special occasion that occurs every year, which changes the conditions and the volume of supply and demand.

Impact of market conditions on walnut price per pound

Sometimes national celebrations in any country increase demand for some product. Products such as walnuts used in nuts and sweets.

Increasing consumer purchasing and demand will change the market conditions of this product. Of course, with proper management and supply of walnuts in proportion to the volume of purchases, we can prevent price fluctuations. But unfortunately we often see a change in prices in these situations.

So, as you can see, for each walnut quality, we can only announce the average walnut price per pound for each year.

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