walnut kernel grades

walnut kernel grades

How do we categorize walnut kernel grades and separate them? In this category, 4 indicators are very important. The first index is the color of the nuts. Second fracture percentage of walnut kernles. The amount of shrinkage of the brain, plus its size, is another factor that is of interest to us in separating walnut kernel grades.

How are walnut kernel grades processed and ready? To prepare various walnut kernel grades, after breaking the walnut and separating the skin from the brain, we are going to separate the walnut. In separating the walnut brain from one another, and in other words, grading them, we consider several factors. The two main cases are the color of the walnut and the percentage of its fracture. We separate the dark-brown walnut brain from the white walnut brain. We prepare the white walnut kernel with a low fracture percentage for use in nuts. Brown and black walnut kernels are packed in different types of walnut kernel grades with the aim of using products in food industry units such as confectionery.

Broken walnut kernel grades

Among the walnut kernel grades, broken walnut kernels are also of a quality that is widely used in the food industry and even in cooking. Of course, the broken walnut kernels themselves have different qualities.

The two parameters of color and fracture percentage are not the only parameters we consider in separating the walnut brain. In addition, as we discussed above, we also have to consider the parameters of the size and degree of shrinkage.

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