walnut price per kg mumbai

walnut price per kg mumbai

How many walnut price per kg Mumbai is? This is a question that most merchants and importers of walnuts ask us at first contact. Note that for accurate estimation, we need to fully specify the details of your purchase, including the quality required, the volume of the purchase, the place of delivery, etc., as you wish.

In this article walnut price per kg Mumbai, we want to explain why we are asking our customers to send us the exact details of their request in price quotes.

Estimated walnut price per kg Mumbai

We want to estimate the price of walnuts in India. Our client has inquired about the price of walnut price per kg Mumbai. For this purpose, we need to carefully review the following.

  1. Quality of walnut: we have more than 12 kinds of walnut kernels and more than 3 kinds of walnut. The difference in quality between them is high. That’s why the price difference is significant among them. So, we can not quote the price without knowing what the customer wants.
  2. Estimated sales costs: Walnut exports from Iran to India require additional costs. Like the customs formalities that it costs itself. The transportation of the product up to the destination and … What is the amount of money needed per kilogram of walnut kernel to reach its destination, is the total cost divided by the volume of the purchase. As you can see from this explanation, we need to determine walnut price per kg Mumbai, such as purchase volume, delivery location, required certificates, and so on.

That is why, in the inquiry about walnut price per kg Mumbai, we ask our customers to send us their request in price inquiry form – LOI format.

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