types of walnut kernels for sale

types of walnut kernels for sale

We can sort of types of walnut kernels for sale in more than 12 types. Do you know what parameters are taken apart from these qualities? We can point to parameters such as the color of the walnut’s brain, its fracture, and the degree of worsening of the walnut.

Twelve types of walnut kernels for sale differ in terms of color and fracture rates. For example, we have a Super walnut kernels in the white walnut kernels with a fracture percentage below 5%. And we have a walnut brain that breaks down the brain within it by about 25%. We also have broken walnut kernels that are used for food processing.

12 types of walnut kernels for sale

Of course, we consider only two color parameters and the breakdown of the product in the types of walnut kernels for sale. Other items, such as the amount of wrinkling of the walnut, are the parameters that we imagine in the category of minimum amount for it. Therefore, if the product has an excessive amount of wrinkling, it will fall in price by itself.

We must consider all these parameters in buying and selling walnuts, and determining the quality and therefore the price of the product. Of course, most of the standards that have been published in the field of walnut trade are all carefully considered. And each of them has defined limits.

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