walnut kernels export data

walnut kernels export data

Walnut kernels export data show that the countries of the United States, Ukraine and Chile are the largest walnuts exporters in the world. The statistics are summarized in the following text.

The most important poles of walnut production are the countries of the United States, China, Iran and Chile and Ukraine. Of these countries, the highest volumes are produced by China and the United States. The amount of walnut production in Iran and Chile is also about 6 percent (each with a total of 12 percent in both countries).


Walnut kernels export data and statistics

The survey of statistics and walnut kernels export data shows that countries below the main pillar are exports of walnut.

  1. America: The United States performs an average of 47% of the total annual exports.
  2. Ukraine: Ukraine is ranked second with 13% of total exports.
  3. Chile: The country also makes about 7-8% of the world’s total exports of walnuts.

We introduced the world’s first three walnut exporters. But why Iran and China, despite the high production rates, do not export much?


Walnut kernels export data from Iran and China

Iran and China, although they are the major walnut producers in the world, have less annual exports than the other three. The reason for this is that the annual walnut consumption in these two countries is high. The largest amount of walnuts produced in China and also in Iran is spent on the domestic market of the two countries. Although Iranian walnuts have many fans in the world due to their excellent taste and high fat content. And now it is also exported to some countries such as Turkey, Germany and ….

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