green peeled pistachio kernel price

green peeled pistachio kernel price

The green peeled pistachio kernel has seven grades. These seven grades differ in a few parameters.In the following text, we have announced more information about the pistachios.

Green peeled pistachio kernel has different grades. Buyers from among the seven grades of this product will buy according to their needs and economic power of their country. In the following text we want to explain these seven grades and their differences with each other.


Green peeled pistachio kernel grades

We can put green peeled pistachio kernel in two groups and seven grades. The first group is the brains of full-fledged pistachios. This group has 5 grades. These five qualities are different in color. The photographs below represent the difference in the quality of the five qualities from the first group of green peeled pistachio kernel.


As you can see, the greenness of the pistachio’s brain means a higher quality of it. Because it often has a higher nutritional value. Because of its more beautiful appearance, it is a more suitable option for use in foods. With the yellowish, the pistachio’s brain is placed in the lower grade.

We call 5 grades in this way. Grade S. The name is SUPER GRADE. This grade has the highest quality. And then the grades A, B, C, D are ranked next.

The second group of green peeled pistachio kernels is broken. This group has two grades. We designate these two grades with F and G grid names. You see two grades photos below. The differences between the two F and G  are in their color. We call green peeled pistachio kernel with green color called F. And we call green peeled pistachio kernel broken yellow with yellow.

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