lemon pepper pistachios wholesale prices

lemon pepper pistachios wholesale prices

The lemon pepper pistachios wholesale prices depends on the quality of the raw pistachio used to make this type of pistachio.

What is the quality of pistachios used to produce flavored pistachios? Do you know how the producers determine the price of these pistachios? What factors should we considere in the pricing of flavored pistachios?

The first issue in determining the price of flavored pistachios is the quality of raw pistachio for preparation of flavored pistachios. Also, the next issue is the type of flavors we use for pistachios.

What quality of raw pistachios for the production of flavored pistachios is completely dependent on the order of the buyer. we select the raw pistachio  from mechanically open pistachios that are cheap pistachios or from naturally opened pistachios that are of higher quality and relatively higher prices than mechanically opened pistachios.


Determine lemon pepper pistachios wholesale prices

Determination of lemon pepper pistachios wholesale prices As we have said, it is dependent on the raw pistachios quality. Based on the type of raw pistachio used to prepare lemon pepper pistachios, we determine the final price of pistachios. The flavoring type is lemon and pepper. That is clear. But the other thing we consider to be the lemon pepper pistachios wholesale prices is the volume of purchases. The higher the volume of pistachio purchase, So the lower the cost of secondary processing on the product, the average per kilogram of pistachios.

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