iranian pistachio in canada

iranian pistachio in canada

Is Iranian pistachio exports to distant countries such as Canada? What are the rules for importing pistachios from iran or other countries?

Iran is pioneer in exports of pistachios. Statistics show that Iran accounts for more than 40% of total exports of pistachios. And is in the first place among the countries exporting pistachio.

Iran is not the only exporter of pistachios to Middle Eastern countries. But many countries are importing pistachios from Iran. From these countries you can introduce Canada. Particularly in recent years we have witnessed an increase in demand for pistachios from these countries.

Here’s a point about the quality of pistachios that are sent to Canada. This is due to the laws of the country in pistachios imported.

Pistachios imports from Iran to Canada

Canadian imports of pistachios have a lot to do with health and product quality. Although its control and rigor are not as large as the European Union.

There are a few things to keep in mind, especially regarding pistachio packaging. Given the fact that the country is far from Iran, pistachios must be packed properly.

Pistachios under the influence of heat and humidity in the environment suffer from a loss of quality, so we must protect it by making the appropriate packaging.

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