iranian pistachio in dubai

iranian pistachio in dubai

What is the significant volume supply of Iranian pistachio in Dubai? Will all Iranian pistachios shipped to Dubai be consumed in the consumer market?

The annual exports of pistachios from Iran to some countries are very high. The UAE, in particular the Dubai area, is one of those regions in the world. However, the pistachios consumed by the market in these areas are much lower than imported pistachios. How can this justify this?

Iranian pistachio in Dubai and its re-export

Dubai’s business ports have a good commercial presence globally. These ports, especially the Jebel Ali Port of Dubai, are the place for Asian trade exchanges with the United States and Europe. Iran also imports its annual pistachios into the global consumer markets through the same ports each year.

In fact, Dubai has become one of the pillars of Iranian pistachio imports into global consumption markets. Especially after raising the problem of Aflatoxin in Iranian pistachios.

Pistachio Company in Dubai

Several pistachio companies are active in Dubai. Some of these companies are belong to Iranian businessmen themselves. They established a branch in Dubai for ease of business. In this way, it makes it easier for them and their customers to trade.

Of course, a number of companies also belong to other traders in other countries. Through the re-export of Iran’s pistachio, they will benefit from the added value of the product.

Direct contact with Iranian pistachio exporters

Of course, direct contact with Iranian pistachio companies has the benefits that we mention in the “The pistachio company in iran ” article. Maybe you’re worry about some problems with financial transactions or getting your product.

Fortunately, the great exporters of pistachios in Iran are aware of these concerns. And have taken steps to remove these obstacles.

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