Akbari Persian pistachios price

Akbari Persian pistachios price

The Akbari Persian pistachios price is higher than the other Iranian pistachio. Why, despite the higher price, Akbari Pistachio is selling well in the market?

The Akbari and Kalleh-ghuchi Pistachios are the largest types among Iranian pistachios. Akbari Pistachio is in the group of long pistachios and kalleh ghuchi pistachios in the group of round pistachios.

The Akbari Persian pistachios price compared to Jumbo Pistachio

Akbari pistachio and Kalleh-ghochi are the same size. But Akbari’s pistachio price is also higher than the pistachios. What is the reason for this? And why, despite having the same size, open some customers are still requesting pistachios Akbari.

One of the reasons for this is the appearance of pistachios. Pistachio Akbari has been pulled. In fact, it is the most pulled type of Iranian pistachio. That’s why it looks very beautiful. This has caused many customers to ask for it.

Pistachio Akbari has a massive sales in Iran market. Iran’s people consider Akbari pistachio the most luxury type of pistachios. And they like to use it in their nuts. Also, Iran exports Akbari pistachio to different countries. The European Union, the Emirate, Russia, Iraq, and …, are among the Akbari Pistachio customers.

Akbari pistachio have different qualities. And so it comes at different prices. You can choose your desired quality from the catalog. For ordering please contact us.

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