pistachio kernels slivered wholesales

pistachio kernels slivered wholesales

Where is the pistachio kernels slivered produced and suppliers? How can we access pistachio kernels slivered wholesales and exporters? How to order the bulk slivered pistachios?

The sliced pistachios is one of the main pistachio products that is being used in food industry units. Not only sweets but also restaurants use the sliced pistachios to improve the flavor of their products and to decorate them. In many countries, the pistachio slice are used in this way. But the countries that have a thriving sweets industry are most of the customer of this product.

But where can I get the pistachio kernels slivered? Where is the main pistachio kernels slivered wholesales center?

The slivered pistachio wholesale center

Iran is one of the major producers of pistachios and its products in the world. The pistachio products including the following are massively produced in Iran.

  • Types of pistachio kernels.
  • The slivered pistachios.
  • Also Ground pistachios.
  • And other such as the pistachio butter.

These products such as pistachio slice are widely used in Iran’s domestic market. Because the Iranian confectionery industry is thriving. Due to the high volume of production, Iran also export mass quantities of these products. The countries such as the European Union, the UAE, the China and so on are buyers of this product.

The pistachio slice is packed in 5.5kg packages in the 22kg mother pack and then goes out in the consumer market. The pistachio slice is also sold in small packaging in stores for home use.

You can simply tell us your requested product. By specifying the requested quality, the volume of the purchase and etc, we will estimate the final price of the product. You can read the products section. You can check and then contact us for ordering the order.

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