walnuts kernel cost

walnuts kernel cost

Walnuts kernel cost is determined by the quality of this product. For example, the highest walnuts kernel cost is related to the walnut nut product with a low fracture percentage and a bright white color. And the least walnuts kernel cost is related to the black walnut brain, which has a high sugar content.

The highest walnuts kernel cost and in fact, the best quality of the walnut brain are belongs to the white walnut kernels. Of course, we do not apply the color parameter only. Other important parameters are also. One of them is the fracture rate of the product. The next thing is whether the walnut brain is wrinkled or not?

Walnuts kernel cost for snow white walnut kernels

The snow white walnut kernels themselves have different qualities. These qualities are separated by two factors. The first case of fracture of the product. And the next thing, as we mentioned above, is whether walnuts are wrinkled or not.

We know that the higher the rate of breakdown in the walnut, the higher the oxidation possible. Thus, in the same condition with a non-fracturing product, it will soon be oxidized. So obviously walnuts kernel cost will be higher for the walnut brain with a smaller fracture. Also, the walnut kernel that has wrinkles has less walnuts kernel cost. Because this type of walnut is inferior in terms of fat and taste.

As you work out, we need to consider all the parameters to determine the quality and walnuts kernel cost.

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