green pistachio japan

green pistachio japan

The article “green pistachio japan” refers to the taste of Japan in buy pistachios. Green pistachios have a lot of enthusiasts among Japanese consumers.

In the article “green pistachio japan” first, we examine the position of Japan country in between buyers pistachios. Then, we will examine the export volume of pistachios and its products from Iran to this country. And in the next step we will examine the taste of pistachios in Japan.


Exports of green pistachio japan from iran

Asian countries are among the most important Persian pistachio clients in the world. Japan is a country that buys a significant amount of pistachios from Iran each year. For example, in 2016 more than 260 tons of pistachios have been shipped from Iran. Japanese people also have a special taste in pistachios.

A taste issue of buying green pistachio japan

If we look at the pistachio exports, we will see that the largest amount of pistachios shipped to Japan has been pistachio kernels. Of course, the important thing to consider when exporting pistachios to Japan is the country’s attention to the health of pistachio. Japan is very sensitive to the health of pistachios. For this reason, they are often looking to buy pistachios, not smiling. Because this product is healthier than smiling. And has the lowest levels of contamination with different toxins such as Aflatoxin.

The closed pistachios cargo after buy the pistachios become pistachio kernels or mechanically opened pistachios.

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