cheapest pistachio nuts

cheapest pistachio nuts

Which pistachios are the cheapest pistachio nuts? Which countries are the customers of these pistachios? What is the most important reason for its cheapness? Does this product have good health؟

Among the pistachios, Mechanically Open Pistachios are the cheapest pistachios. Mechanically opened pistachios themselves, of course, have different qualities that cause a difference in price.

Fandoghi pistachios is the cheapest pistachio nuts

The cheapest pistachio nuts from Mechanically Open Pistachios belonging to Fandoghi pistachio with a 45% brain percentage. The main reasons for the low price of the pistachio can be listed as follows:

  1. Fandoghi pistachio is the smallest type of pistachio. Therefore, among other pistachio varieties, it is the cheapest pistachio nuts.
  2. Artificially open pistachios have a lower brain percentage. So they are cheaper than naturally open.
  3. Artificially opened pistachios have brain percentage between 45 and 50. Pistachios with a brain percentage of 45 are cheaper than other qualities.

We outlined the most important reasons for cheap fandoghi mechanically opened pistachios with% meat 45%. These pistachios have no harm in terms of health. And pass international standards for health. But because of the tiny pistachios and, of course, its small kernels is cheap.


Pistachio prices in China, Russia and Pakistan

Traders in countries such as China, Russia, Pakistan, and … often ask for cheap pistachios. And their quality is acceptable and they are supposed to pass the standards of the world. We regard these pistachios as suitable for these requests and we recommend to these countries.

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