pistachios factory

pistachios factory

What steps are being taken to produce and prepare pistachios in a pistachio factory? Do you have information about the different stages of pistachio processing and production? How can we access a pistachio factory to supply the pistachios we need?

There are different stages from harvest to pistachio processing and preparation. These steps may take several separate sections of a pistachio factory or several separate processing workshops.

The pistachio factory in Iran

The pistachios are transferred to the pistachio recording terminal after harvesting. In the pistachio recording terminal, the processing steps are contain:

The first step is removing the top skin from the seed. Also, in two different steps, the skin of pistachios and pistachios with which their outer skin is not detached are also removed.
In the next step, the premature seeds and light beans are separated from the product. Then, de-humidification takes place. Next step is removing the garbage in the pistachios or inappropriate seeds from the product. Then, the final step is drying pistachios.

As you can see, there are a lot of tough steps to prepare the pistachio. Of course, we do not use pistachios in the same way.

We will ship these products to our warehouse. According to the customer’s order and according to the country of destination, we process other processing steps. To bring the pistachio to a certain quality.

Then we pack the pistachios. Of course, during the packing step, we should select the packaging type according to the destination.
In some cases,  the customer demand the flavored pistachios. In this case, we also add the flavoring and roasting step to these steps.

You can read the catalog of products to learn about pistachio quality. We also provide our communication channels for negotiating and ordering and, of course, providing advice below.

Our product list: The Catalog.
Also our way of communication: Please contact us.

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