walnut kernels light halves price

walnut kernels light halves price

Walnut kernels light halves is considered to be the best type of walnut. For this reason, walnut kernels light halves prices have the highest value compared to other qualities. In fact, this product has the best quality in terms of fracture and color. Here’s how to categorize the different qualities of the walnut brain.

As we mentioned above, walnut kernels light halves , we offer the best quality walnut kernels among the types of walnut kernels. We want to introduce the various qualities and we will announce how to categorize these qualities.

Types of walnut kernels

The walnut is classified according to color and fracture percentage. Based on the color of the walnut, it has the following groups.

  • White walnut kernels
  • Cream walnut kernels
  • Dark cream walnut kernels
  • Brown walnut kernels
  • Dark brown walnut kernel
  • Black walnut kernels

Each group of its walnut brain is classified according to the type and percentage of fracture. This category is also in this way:

  • Whole walnut kernels
  • Halves walnut kernels
  • Walnut kernels 1/4
  • Broken walnut kernels

So, as you can see, the walnut brain has a lot of qualities. Among these qualities, walnut kernels have light halves of the highest quality. In determining the price of walnut, the above items are considered in several other parameters. In all, walnut kernels light halves, as the best walnut, have the highest price.

The different qualities of the walnut are ready for sale by the center. You can contact us to order.

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