Iran rafsanjan pistachio producers

Iran rafsanjan pistachio producers

Iran’s largest pistachio produce Rafsanjan pistachio producers. This is the statistics and surveys of the Iranian Pistachio Association that annually review the amount of production.

The most famous pistachio brand in the world is Rafsanjan. Often merchants anywhere in the world Have heard the name of Pistachio Rafsanjan. Rafsanjan is a district in Kerman province, which has the highest level of cultivated land. It also has the highest production of pistachios. For this reason, it is a very important area for pistachio production.


Pistachio sale by Rafsanjan pistachio producers

Of course, in addition to the fact that the amount of pistachio production in Rafsanjan is very high, sometimes the production of other areas, such as Anar, also Shahrbabak, etc. can also be exported from Rafsanjan to other parts of the world.
Other parts of Kerman province as well as in other regions of Iran produce pistachios in massively. The product needed for global consumption markets, which is provided by Iran, is supplied, prepared and shipped from all regions of Iran.


Sirjan Pistachio producers

 After the city of Rafsanjan, Sirjan has the second highest rank in terms of annual production of pistachio. This city is also one of the cities of Kerman, whose landscaping area of pistachio is related to pistachio cultivation.

Other cities of Kerman province, which produce pistachios, include:

  • Shahrbabak
  • Also Anar city
  • As well as Zarand
  • And so on.

Pistachio areas in Iran are high. In this article we have just introduced some of these areas. In the future, we will introduce other pistachio areas and cultivars.


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