Pistachio In-Shell / Closed Shell pistachios:

TGDP (Anata Nuts) co.

GPP (Anata Nuts) co.

The commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran include the following five:

  1. Akbari pistachio (with commercial name Super Long Pistachio)
  2. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (with commercial name Long Pistachio)
  3. Fandoghi pistachio (with commercial name Round Pistachio)
  4. Kalleh Ghuchi Pistachio (with commercial name Jumbo Pistachio)
  5. Badami pistachio (This pistachio also is in row long pistachios)

Each pistachio cultivars are classified in three groups:

  • Naturally opened pistachios
  • Mechanically opened pistachios
  • Closed Shell pistachios
TGDP (Anata Nuts) co.

GPP (Anata Nuts) co.


Closed Shell pistachios

This type pistachio are used to process mechanically opened pistachios as well as prepare pistachio kernels. Closed Shell pistachio have different percentage of meat. Often, it’s 45-50gr/ 100 gr. The highest percentage of meat is 50%. And of course the minimum is 45%.

This kind of pistachio is without any fungal contamination. And that’s why some countries such as Japan like it. Also, China is a client of this pistachios. The pistachio kernels made from closed shell pistachio is also nearly free of any contamination. This kind of pistachio is also in the line of our company’s products.

In this section, the Closed Shell pistachios in different qualities that can be supplied by Green Pearl Pistachio (Anata Nuts) company will be introduced to your loved ones. Product code is also announced.

Physical characteristics of pistachio in shell/ Closed Shell Pistachio/ Code=PCS

The %meat of closed shell pistachio is often 45-50gr/ 100 gr. The highest percentage of meat is 50% as well as  the minimum is 45%. These pistachios are used to process pistachio kernels and also prepare mechanically opened pistachios.
 Cods of Closed Shell Pistachios/ Anata Nuts Co.
Akbari AA Fandoghi Kalleh Ghuchi Badami