Pistachio In-Shell / Naturally Opened Pistachios:

TGDP (Anata Nuts) co.

Anata Nuts Company

The commercial pistachio cultivars of Iran include the following five:

  1. Akbari pistachio (with commercial name Super Long Pistachio)
  2. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (with commercial name Long Pistachio)
  3. Fandoghi pistachio (with commercial name Round Pistachio)
  4. Kalleh Ghuchi Pistachio (with commercial name Jumbo Pistachio)
  5. Badami pistachio (this pistachio is in row long pistachios)

Each pistachio cultivars are classified in three groups:

  • Naturally opened pistachios
  • Mechanically opened pistachios
  • Closed Shell pistachios
TGDP (Anata Nuts) co.

Anata Nuts Company


Naturally Opened Pistachios

In this section, the Naturally Opened pistachios in different qualities that can be supplied by Anata Nuts company will be introduced to your loved ones.

Physical characteristics of pistachio in shell/ Naturally Opened

BlanksSuperior GradeExcellent GradeGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3 = STANDARD QUALITY
Product Code – Anata Nuts Co.PSGPEGPG1PG2PG3
1.Shell Defects (%)-(allowable tolerances by weight)
Closed shell and blanks12345
Adhering hull0.50.7511.251.5
Stained shell11.25456
Deformity (incl. opened from bottom)12356
Slightly open in-shell5101825N/A
Total shell defects7132228N/A
2.       Kernel Defects (%)-(allowable tolerances by weight)
Loose kernels122.533.5
Pest damage34556
Obvious pest damage12333
Total kernel defects34567
3.        Other Defects (%)-(allowable tolerances by weight)
Foreign material00.
Foreign material excluding shells00.
Non-uniformity of variety**12345
Non-uniformity of size**
**The specification is identical for all the varieties of:

  • Fandogi/ Round (size: 30-32, 32-34, 34-36, 36-38 ounce)
  • Akbari/ Super Long (size: 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 ounce)
  • Ahmad Aghaei/ Long (size: 26-28, 28-30-30-32 ounce)
  • Kale-Quchi/ Jumbo (size: 20-22, 22-24, 24-26 ounce)
  • Badami/ Long (size: 30-32, 32-34, 34-36, 36-38 ounce)
Chemical characteristics of pistachio in shell/ Naturally Opened pistachiosAflatoxin B1Aflatoxin total (B1+B2+G1+G2)
Superior grade / Code= PSG< 2ppb< 4ppb
Excellent Grade/ Code= PEG< 8ppb< 10ppb