Pistachio price list

Iranian pistachio price per kg of depends on several factors:

  • Pistachio cultivar: Akbari, Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei and Kale-Ghuchi
  • Its kind: in a variety of natural opened pistachio, mechanical opened, mouth closed
  • Pistachio Quality: Super, Class 1, Standard, Class 2

Products & price list of Anata Nuts company (iran pistachio supplier)

  • The physical characteristics of pistachio and pistachio kernels are listed in the products section.
  • Prices are delivery of FOB Bandar Abbas.
  • MOQ = 11 MTONs
  • Validity date of prices: 2018/08/27 to 2018/08/28

please pay attention

  • Terms of delivery of goods in the form CFR, CPT, CIF and also CIP will be accepted.
  • Payment terms is T/T or LC.
  • Also delivery of cargo in 100 ports worldwide is possible upon request from customers.
  • Communicate with the sales unit (Contact) to inquiries the price level with your requested requirements. (Code of each product is listed in the table). Please fill out the Price inquiry form and send us.

tables of pistachio price list:

Price/ $CodeQualitySize/ % meatTypeVariety of Pistachio
10.16PSG-AA26Super*26-28Natural OpenedAhmad Aghaei Pistachio



9.84PG1-AA26Grad 1
9.52PG3-AA26Grade 3 – STD**
9.31PG1-AA28Grad 1
9.29PG3-AA28Grade 3 – STD**
PG1-AA30Grad 1
PG3-AA30Grade 3 – STD**
PMO-AAS50Super*50 grMechanical Opened
PMOAA150Grad 1
PMO-AAS48Super*48 gr
PMOAA148Grad 1
PCS-AA5050 grClosed shell
PCS-AA4545 gr


Price/ $CodeQualitySize/ % meatTypeVariety of Pistachio
13.32PSG-A20Super*20-22Natural OpenedAkbari Pistachio


13.00PG1-A20Grad 1
12.68PG3-A20Grade 3 – STD**
11.92PG1-A22Grad 1
11.60PG3-A22Grade 3 – STD**
11.28PG1-A24Grad 1
10.92PG3-A24Grade 3 – STD**
PMO-AS50Super*50 grMechanical Opened
PMOA150Grad 1
PMO-AS48Super*48 gr
PMOA148Grad 1
PCS-A5050 grClosed shell
PCS-A4545 gr


Price/ $CodeQualitySize/ % meatTypeVariety of Pistachio
10.95PSG-K20Super*20-22Natural OpenedKalleh-ghuchi Pistachio



10.63PG1-K20Grad 1
10.31PG3-K20Grade 3 – STD**
9.99PG1-K22Grad 1
9.67PG3-K22Grade 3 – STD**
9.34PG1-K24Grad 1
9.02PG3-K24Grade 3 – STD**
PMO-KS50Super*50 grMechanical Opened
PMOK150Grad 1
PMO-KS48Super*48 gr
PMOK148Grad 1
PCS-K5050 grClosed shell
PCS-K4545 gr


Price/ $CodeQualitySize/ % meatTypeVariety of Pistachio
9.36PSG-F30Super*30-32Natural Opened Fandoghi Pistachio
9.24PG1-F30Grad 1
9.00PG3-F30Grade 3 – STD**
9PG1-F32Grad 1
8.50PG3-F32Grade 3 – STD**
8.00PG1-F34Grad 1
7.58PG3-F34Grade 3 – STD**
7.16PMO-FS50Super*50 grMechanical Opened
6.88PMOF150Grad 1
6.84PMO-FS48Super*48 gr
6.56PMOF148Grad 1
6.67PCS-F5050 grClosed shell
5.96PCS-F4545 gr


Pistachio Price list – pistachio kernels

Price/ $CodeQualityTypeVariety of Pistachio
15.54PKS-FSuper*FandoghiKernelsPistachio Kernels



15.22PK1-FGrad 1
14PK2-FGrade 2 – STD**
15.64PK1-KGrad 1
14.32PK2-KGrade 2 – STD**
 Grad 1
 Grade 3 – STD**
UPK-1Grad 1
WPK-SSuper*Wiled pistachio kernels (Organic)
WPK-1Grad 1


Price/ EURCodeQualityVariety of Pistachio
27.5GPPK-SSuper  Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels


26.5GPPK-AGrad A
24.5GPPK-BGrad B
22.5GPPK-CGrad C
20GPPK-DGrad D
22GPPK-EGrad E


      • * Super: With Aflatoxin certification, acceptable of EU countries.
      • **STD: Standard Quality