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pistachio price per kg

pistachio price per kg

The pistachio price per kg depends on several factors. Experts have described the following factors as the most important ones:

  • Pistachio cultivars
  • The size of the pistachios is based on ounce
  • Pistachio type

The pistachios of Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi and Kalle-ghouchi are commercial pistachio varieties of Iran. Each pistachio has different physical characteristics. The stated price for each cultivar is often different from the same size in the other cultivar.

In the following text we compare the prices of different cultivars:
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pistachio exporters

pistachio exporters in dubai

The presence of branches and representation of Iranian pistachio exporters in Dubai, has facilitated the international sale of Iranian pistachios. Dubai’s ports have a special place in the world. In most cases, the import duties that a buyer must pay during importation is low if the product is shipped from these ports. For this reason, Iranian pistachio suppliers and exporters to set up a branch and sales representative in Dubai. Also, Iranian pistachio exporters, through Emirati banks, have made their financial transactions easier with their customers around the world. Read more

pistachio suppliers

pistachio suppliers in uae

Iran’s pistachio suppliers have launched a branch of their company in the mother-to-door ports of the world to make effective communication with their customers on the international markets. this is an advantage for the buyer in terms of import duties. In addition, Iran pistachio suppliers have facilitated financial transfers between their company and the buyer, with the establishment of various branches in other countries including the UAE, Russia, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Iran’s pistachio suppliers the currency exchange problem with different countries of the world Have solved this way.
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